One stop solution to manage your ESPORTS CENTER

Presenting the next generation of Esports Lounge Management

What do we do?

We provide a complete turn-key solution to launch and manage your esports gaming centers. With 20 years of industry experience and a passion for the game, our feature-rich Client and point of sale (POS) are here to help you revolutionize your Esports  entertainment lounge.

With Barrix you ensure maximum efficiency; maximum income; and overall customer satisfaction.


While most other software neglect user experience, we prioritize your customer.

Our feature rich client, with fully-integrated challenges and tournament modules, ensures maximum engagement for your customers.

With our state-of-the-art mobile app your customers can customize their gaming experience and place orders with a snap of their fingers.

A Small business? We got you covered too. Use our personalized cloud hosted server to run your center from anywhere in the world, without requiring any specialized hardware.

Charging by the hour was the old way of doing business. We add new revenue streams to your business by adding product and time packs.

We just do it better!

Some Key Features

A state of the art lounge needs a state of the art software.

What people are saying

We are here to help change your business. Once you move to Barrix, you will never want to go back. Why, you might ask? Because we put you first.

Introducing the Barrix client

Give your PCs the makeover they deserve.

A client built with the gamer at the forefront. Style, functionality and performance, all packaged under one astonishing UI.

The Barrix client comes with an integrated full-option challenges and tournaments module to boost engagment.

Personalised Dashboards

See the information and reports you want to see, the second you open our POS. Engineered to optimize transactions. Clean, easy and visual. Oh! did we mention you can run it on any screen of your choice? Yes I know.

Some more features

Barrix can be customized to your needs. We have more features than we can list on one page. For all of our features, click here.


A fully-integrated booking system with API, connected to the mobile app for gamers to book the station of their choice before they arrive at the center.


If our experience has taught us one thing - it is the importance of reports. We have a lost of specially curated reports that can be generated by your client at the push of a button.

3rd Party Integration

Built-in API for integration with 3rd party applications. Barrix is working everyday on bringing in 3rd party partners thats add value to your Esports lounge.

Barrix App

We knocked the ball out of the park with this one. 


A game changer for your esports lounge. The customized Barrix app allows your users to manage their account, book a PC, play tournaments, shop for merchandise and more! 


I’ve seen enough.

I’m ready to revolutionize my business.

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